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The Tamarindo Spanish School

Learning Spanish in Costa Rica can be one of the best experiences of your life, provided you attend the right Spanish school. There are literally hundreds of Spanish Schools in Costa Rica to choose from, but few have the credentials of Tamarindo Spanish School. As part of the WAYRA Spanish Institute (the first Spanish School in Guanacaste) we bring over two decades of experience to each student, and we are acknowledged as a leading Spanish school in Costa Rica, accredited since 2008 by such a prestigious organization as Instituto Cervantes.

Thousands of students from different backgrounds and countries have visited and continue visiting our classrooms, and are amazed how much they have learned with our unique Spanish immersion program.

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica and take advantage of multicultural diversity, scenic splendor and tranquility.

The school is located just one block from one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, a pristine white sandy beach where surfers and beachcombers enjoy the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Our Spanish Language Institute was founded in 1996 and offers Spanish classes in a pristine environment, offering an ideal setting for people interested in learning Spanish by following a full immersion program.

On the premises you will find three buildings and two small ranchos (open air dry palm huts).

The main rancho has four classrooms on the second floor, a small convention center and a cafeteria on the ground floor. In the cafeteria students relax and enjoy conversation with other students while enjoying snacks and refreshments. Many of our Spanish students use the cafeteria to do homework during school hours, or return after school hours to take part in the Latin dance lessons or another after school activity organized by the school.

The main building hosts on the ground floor the offices including the reception, bathrooms with showers, a multimedia classroom and a small library with computers for the student’s use. Free WiFi is available on the entire campus.

At the second floor of the main building is Casa WAYRA, one of our 3 student houses in Playa Tamarindo providing great lodging options.

The 10 spacious classrooms are spread around the school buildings. Large open windows makes for a very comfortable and relaxed learning atmosphere. Listening to the sounds of nature and feeling the ocean breeze is a great way to learn Spanish.

At Tamarindo Spanish School, you will observe local wildlife such as iguanas, exotic birds and many other small animals while you listen to the waves breaking on the shore. From time to time you can hear howler monkeys roaring in the trees nearby. The sound they make is almost indescribable and it will be a lot of fun for you to try and imitate it for your friends back home.

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