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Tamarindo Spanish School Testimonials

Sonja Fischer – Germany

I enjoyed classes immensely. The teachers are energetic, creative and are all great people. WAYRA is like a family that continues to grow week after week and I’m proud to be a part of it. This is truly a wonderful experience- learning to speak Spanish, surfing, meeting so many great people and making friendship. I couldn’t have asked more. Thank you very much for everything. I will definitively come back in the near future!

Brian Benson – USA

My experience at Wayra was definitely one of the best introductions I could have had into the Costa Rican and Latin culture. I took a four week course and received a great working knowledge of the language in all aspects. I believe that to fully learn a language one must also learn and understand the culture. I was totally immersed into the culture and a new window with new opportunities got open for me.

During my stay I chose to live with a host family near by, in Villareal. Villareal is a small pueblo packed with friendly folks. I made a few friends there that I believe will now be friends for life. The commute (5kms.) every day on public bus makes one feel like he/she is integrated into the community and, in fact, you do become integrated if you are open to all the smiling faces. Living with a family was ideal for me. I practiced to speak Spanish all the time and I learned a new way of life. It is quite beautiful.

Wayra is a brilliant institution. I suggest taking at least a 4 week course. The opportunity to have a different teacher each week is a great experience because each teacher had like a magic wand that helped me to learn the language faster. This is a very special place, an introduction to propel you forward. pura vida…

Christine Hendrix – USA

I am grateful for the personal attention I received at Wayra. Unlike owners at other schools in Costa Rica (I went to two others), you made yourself known on a personal level to your students. Whether talking with us at break, arranging outings etc., you ALWAYS had time for each of us. I will never forget your kindness and have a lot of respect for you and to your dedication to helping your students have the best possible experience available. The student housing is outrageous…clean, attractively decorated, and spacious. I truly enjoyed learning Spanish at the Wayra Instituto de Español and plan on returning someday soon. Your school scores the highest at the affective level!

Angela Hager – Switzerland

It was a wonderful time here. Thanks for everything. This is a great school and I learned a lot, plus had some fun while doing it.

Jeremy Shane – Canada

My experiences while studying Spanish at WAYRA were most beneficial for me as they were for all the other students I met during my stay in Tamarindo. This is why I can honestly state that all the teachers at WAYRA have a thorough understanding of the Spanish language, and an incredible ability to share that with their students. I went there not knowing a single word of Spanish. After a few weeks of in-class studying as well as applying my skills with locals and practicing in the student house I left Costa Rica with a more than adequate ability to effectively communicate in the Spanish language.

There were many other conveniences such as Internet access, and numerous weekend excursions to other parts of Costa Rica. These excursions led by one of the Professors of WAYRA enriched my understanding of the Costa Rican culture as well as enabling me to practice more of my language skills.
I recommend this language school not only because of its excellent language program but because of the mystical tranquility of Tamarindo that emanates in every smile.

Hisashi Kuroda – Japan

Thank you very much for everything. All teachers and staff in this school are very good and kind. I really enjoyed my life in Playa Tamarindo because of you all. I will not forget these days in Playa Tamarindo and at WAYRA.