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Why We Are Better

Thousands of students from different backgrounds and countries have visited and continue visiting our classrooms, and are amazed how much they have learned with our unique Spanish immersion program.

Our Spanish Language Institute was founded in 1996 and offers Spanish classes in a pristine environment, offering an ideal setting for people interested in learning Spanish by following a full immersion program.

Our students can prepare for the certificate through WAYRA Spanish Institute. WAYRA is since 2008 an accredited Center by the Instituto Cervantes and is also a DELE examination center.

Tamarindo Spanish has developed its own classroom methodology. Our textbook is designed to accelerate the learning process. Grammar is presented in an organized and logical manner followed by examples. An array of practice exercises and short stories give the students and teachers many conversational opportunities. Additionally, we incorporate materials from various conversational text sources. This results in an eclectic system that enables the student to learn Spanish as quickly as possible, with special attention paid to individual learning styles and modalities.

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DELE Preparation Course


DELE Preparation Course

Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo is a beautiful tropical paradise

Tamarindo Beach is located on Costa Rica’s west coast on the Nicoya Peninsula, in the province of Guanacaste. Tamarindo is a beautiful tropical paradise well known for its natural beauty and excellent surfing. Many surf movies and documentaries have been filmed on Tamarindo Beach. This trendy town is the home of a multi-cultural community boasting around 5000 inhabitants that live here year round. You will find people from all over the world who have made Tamarindo their home or their favorite tourist destination. Our Students can find most of the restaurants, hotels, tour operators, surf schools, supermarkets and other mayor businesses on the main roads. Almost all are within walking distance from the school and the student houses.

Tamarindo Beach

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Spanish and Surf Program

Tamarindo Spanish School offers a great Surf and Spanish Program. On Monday through Friday you will participate in the Spanish Classes and on your free time and weekends you will have the chance to both take surfing lessons and have the opportunity to surf some of the best areas of Costa Rica.

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Low Seasons Discount for 2024

There is a discount of 10% for any Spanish classes and lodging at the student houses from April 28th, 2024 - June 2nd, 2024 and from September 15th - October 6th, 2024.
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Tamarindo Spanish School Activities


Mangrove Boat Tour, Turtle Watching, Sunset sailing, National Park Tours, One Day Nicaragua Tour and much more …


Canopy ziplining, Snorkeling, Scuba diving and much more …


Surf classes, Salsa classes, Cooking classes, Bean-to-Bar Chocolate-making classes and much more …

Online Language Test

Online Language Test

Test your elementary, beginner, intermediate and advanced level spanish. Each Tamarindo Spanish School language test has aprox. 10 questions divided into 5 levels and 4 sublevels, from beginners (A1) to advanced (C1).

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Sonja FischerGermany
I enjoyed classes immensely. The teachers are energetic, creative and are all great people. Tamarindo Spanish School is like a family that continues to grow week after week and I’m proud to be a part of it. This is truly a wonderful experience- learning to speak Spanish, surfing, meeting so many great people and making friendship. I couldn’t have asked more. Thank you very much for everything. I will definitively come back in the near future!
Angela HagerSwitzerland
It was a wonderful time here. Thanks for everything. This is a great school and I learned a lot, plus had some fun while doing it.
Hisashi KurodaJapan
Thank you very much for everything. All teachers and staff in this school are very good and kind. I really enjoyed my life in Playa Tamarindo because of you all. I will not forget these days in Playa Tamarindo and at Tamarindo Spanish School.
Brian BensonUSA
My experience at Tamarindo Spanish School was definitely one of the best introductions I could have had into the Costa Rican and Latin culture. I took a four week course and received a great working knowledge of the language in all aspects. I believe that to fully learn a language one must also learn and understand the culture. I was totally immersed into the culture and a new window with new opportunities got open for me.