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Spanish for Specific Purposes

Spanish for Specific Purposes

Spanish for Specific Purposes

(Medical Spanish, Spanish for Business and Finance, Spanish for teachers, Spanish for Law Enforcement)

Our Spanish for specific purposes is designed for professionals who want to improve their Spanish skills and develop their vocabulary in order to effectively deal with their Spanish-speaking clients. This is a customized professional course and the exercises will focus on the needs of the student. Students should have a basic knowledge of Spanish in order to benefit from this course, and the number of weeks is determined by the student’s needs and schedule.

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This class is tailored to the student’s requirements and will be taught using a variety of methods with an emphasis on experiential learning: i.e. lecture and instruction, drills and practice, role play, cultural immersion activity, audio and video taping, videos viewed in class, community based activity, workbook practice, course assignments and readings.

The rate for this Spanish program is the same as for the private tuition, but we do offer a discount if there is more than one student in the same group.
The classes are 4 lessons a day from Monday to Friday. It is also possible to take the 4 lessons general group Spanish course and take 2 additional lessons of Spanish for specific purposes.

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