The School

Costa Rica Spanish SchoolTamarindo Spanish School is centrally located in Tamarindo Beach only 150 meters from the beach in a beautiful tropical garden. On the premises you will find three buildings and two small ranchos (open air dry palm huts).

The spacious classrooms are spread around the school buildings. Large open windows makes for a very comfortable and relaxed learning atmosphere. Listening to the sounds of nature and feeling the ocean breeze is a great way to learn Spanish.

The Main Rancho has four classrooms on the second floor and a cafeteria with a snack bar on the ground floor. In the cafeteria students relax and enjoy conversation with other students while enjoying snacks and refreshments. Many of our Spanish students use the cafeteria to do homework during school hours, or return after school hours to take part in the Latin dance lessons practiced on the ground floor of the Rancho.

Students who bring their laptops will enjoy the free high speed wireless Internet access in the main building, the Rancho and in the Student House. If you don't have your own computer we offer each student 15 minutes per day on the school computer to access their emails and communicate on line.

As an additional free service, each room at our student house has a safety box where you can place your notebook computer and other valuables.

At Tamarindo Spanish School, you will observe local wildlife such as Iguanas, exotic birds and many other small animals while you listen to the waves breaking on the shore. From time to time you can hear Howler monkeys roaring in the trees nearby. The sound they make is almost indescribable and it will be a lot of fun for you to try and imitate it for your friends back home.

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The program

The following is a general overview of how our Spanish language program is structured. Specialized curriculums and student specific programs are also available, such as the Medical Spanish Course, the Costa Rica Teenager Spanish Course and the Surfing and Spanish program.

    Learn Spanish in comfortable open air classrooms
  • All the teaching is carried out in Spanish. This enables the students to be totally immersed in the language while they are studying
  • Minimum stay of one week
  • Groups are small, averaging 3 to 4 students (maximum 6 students per class)
  • Courses begin every Monday
  • The first day of class, all new students must arrive at the school by 7:15am to be evaluated and placed in their appropriate level and to complete any necessary paperwork
  • According to their progress, students may be moved to different groups during the program, to maximize their Spanish learning experience
  • Tamarindo Spanish School determines if the students attend the morning or afternoon session
  • Morning sessions are from 8:00 am to 12:00 am and afternoon sessions are from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

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Absolute beginner: No previous knowledge of the language

Beginner: Very limited knowledge, able to ask for directions, order meals, etc.

Elementary: Can speak in present tense with limited vocabulary

Pre-Intermediate: Use of the present, past and some future tenses with an enlarged vocabulary

Intermediate: Has higher levels of comprehension, expression and a good grasp of the different grammatical tenses

Upper-Intermediate: High level of comprehension and conversation managing the conditional, imperative and indicative

Pre-advanced: For those who have studied the subjunctive, but, still have difficulty using this form

Advanced: A deeper understanding of the language including often confusing grammatical structures, word building, etc.

Superior: Semantic fields enlarged and grammatical deficiencies corrected

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Teaching methods

We make learning Spanish a fun experienceWe will maximize your Spanish learning experience by applying a balance between personal, cultural and academic challenges within a secure and supportive environment. The instructors are skilled in blending conversation with grammar to meet the individual needs of the group members.

In the classroom, we make learning an enjoyable and natural process. Teachers encourage debate, conversation and exchange of ideas to promote critical thinking and verbal skills. Games, videos and music are frequently used in the classrooms.

Activities in the Tamarindo area, such us walks in the nature reserves, visits to the different businesses in town to gather information, conversations with people from the community and interviews or excursions to neighboring towns are all used to practice and learn more about the ecology, economy and culture of Costa Rica. Your language ability will grow as your outlook broadens. Every day the students are required to do about one hour of homework.

Those who opt for the Costa Rica Spanish homestay experience will enjoy becoming part of a local family, which adds a stronger element of local culture to the learning experience.

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Tamarindo Spanish School has developed its own classroom methodology. Our Spanish textbook is designed to accelerate the learning process. Grammar is presented in an organized and logical manner followed by examples. An array of practice exercises and short stories give the students and teachers many conversational opportunities. Additionally, we incorporate materials from various conversational text sources. This results in an eclectic system that enables you to learn Spanish as quick as possible, with special attention paid to individual learning styles and modalities.

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