Rates 2017 (all rates are in USD and per person)


Classes 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks add weeks
Standard group course, 20 lessons $335 $640 $930 $1215 $300
Intensiv group course, 30 lessonss $525 $1030 $1495 $1950 $480
Standard (20 less.) + 5 (priv.less/wk) $475 $917 $1346 $1765 $437
Standard (20 less.) + 10 (priv.less/wk) $612 $1190 $1748 $2295 $570
Semi private course, 20 lessons $412 $810 $1192 $1560 $382
Private course, 20 lessons $550 $1080 $1590 $2080 $510
Survival course, 2, 3 or 4 days (8, 12 or 16 lessons, 4 lessons/day) 2 days: 160 3 days: 234 4 days: 300    

Private classes per hour: $28, DELE Preparation course (4 weeks): $1.420

If only 1 student is registered for the standard course we offer 15 lessons per week instead of 20.

Schedule: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. or 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Low season discount:

There is a discount of 10% for any classes (except DELE preparation course) and lodging with host families or at the student houses from April 30th - June 08th and from September 10th - October 12th, 2018.

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Lodging (weekly rate): Shared Private Additional night shared Additional night private
Hostfamily $175 $175   $30
Casa El Mar $260 $340 $40 $55
Casa La Carolina $330 $420 $50 $65
Casa WAYRA $300 $385 $45 $60

Lodging with host family includes private room, breakfast, dinner, laundry service and morning transportation to the school.

Lodging at the student houses includes private or shared room, breakfast and housekeeping.

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Surf classes:
1 week Surf program: $165 2 group lessons total, board rental + photography bundle.
2 weeks Surf program: $255 3 group lessons total, board rental + photography bundle.
3 weeks Surf program: $590 6 group lessons total, board rental, 1 surf trip + photograpy package. Or 9 group lessons total, board rental + photography package.
4 weeks Surf program: $750 8 group lessons total, board rental, 1 surf trip, free rash guard + photography package. Or 11 group lessons total, board rental, free rash guard + photography package.

Photo bundle consists of 10 photos. Photography package consists of 10 photos + a video analysis.

Students that sign up for a 3 or 4 week surf program will receive a free rash guard and a picture of one of their surf lessons.

Please note that check-in and check-out are on Sunday and lodging rates are Sunday to Sunday.

Homestay includes:

Lodging with a family
Private room
Breakfast and dinner
Laundry service
Morning transportation to school

Lodging at Student Houses includes:

Lodging at the student house in shared rooms
Breakfast at a local restaurant or at the school
Taxes and tips

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During the holidays, WAYRA is closed and does not give refunds except during Easter week, the school will refund one day of class.

Please take the following National Holidays into consideration: January 1, Easter Thursday and Friday, April 11, May 1, July 25, August 2, August 15, September 15, October 12 and December 25.

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Cancellation policy

Cancellation policy for classes: If you cancel your lessons more than 30 days before the first day of class, we will charge you a processing fee of $50.00. For cancellations between 30 and 15 days before the start date of classes, we will charge you a 20% cancellation fee. There is no refund for any cancellations made 15 days or less prior to the start date of classes.

If you do not want to lose your deposit and want to reschedule your program, you must fulfill the following two requirements:

1. We need to be informed, in writing, at least 15 days before your schedule time.

2. Must be rescheduled within one year of the first schedule date.

Cancellation policy for accommodations: The fee for cancellations made more than 15 days before check-in with a host family or at one of our student houses is equivalent to the amount of one week ($175.00 host family, $260.00 for Casa El Mar, $300.00 for Casa WAYRA and $ 330.00 for Casa La Carolina). There is no refund for any cancellation made 15 days or less prior to check-in or after check-in.


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