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Learning Spanish in Costa Rica is much more than simply attending a couple of classes and then speaking your native language for the rest of the day. Successful Spanish students will tell you: if you want to learn Spanish you must immerse yourself completely in the language. A great way to do this is living with a Costa Rica Spanish homestay program here in Costa Rica. We carefully screen each family to ensure you will be placed in a high quality environment with a family that will care for you and truly wants to help you learn. In addition to learning Spanish, you will also enjoy learning the culture, enjoying the local traditions and making new friends. Ticos are warm and friendly people. Your stay with the host family will be an experience you will treasure for many years to come.

Our host families live in the town of Villareal. This small town is not on the beach but is rural and tranquil and is 5km away from Tamarindo Spanish School. The homes are small and of typical design. You will have a private room, but in some homes the bathroom is shared with the host family. If you desire a private bathroom, please let us know in advance and we will make arrangements to find you accommodation with a private bathroom. We offer host families with young children, teenagers or just adults. Please let us know the option you prefer and we will try and arrange the ideal homestay for you.

Your host mother will prepare a variety of fresh and tasty meals using the huge variety of fruits and vegetables available in Costa Rica. You will certainly learn a lot about the local food and exotic fruits. Meals are typically traditional cuisine. If you are a vegetarian or on a specific diet preference, the host mother will do all she can to meet your needs. In some houses they still cook using traditional wood stoves; in others they have modern electric stoves. Regardless of the cooking methods our students enjoy the meals they are provided. With your host family, you will have the opportunity to taste different fruits and vegetables that may be difficult to find in your home country.

During the months of December to April, local fiestas and dances are part of the entertainment in Tamarindo and neighboring towns. Students can enjoy an afternoon at the rodeo, participate at the tope (a parade with horses), share interesting conversations or experiences with the locals or, at night, dance to the rhythms of Central American music.

Each morning our bus will pick you up from your host town and take you to our Spanish school in Tamarindo. If your classes are in the afternoon you will likely take public transport from your town to the school. The local buses are cheap and fun to ride. You’ll also get a chance to practice your Spanish!

Program Registration

Homestay includes

  • Room: private
  • Meals: Breakfast and dinner
  • Laundry: twice a week
  • Transportation: Morning transportation to school

Check-in and Check-out

Check-in: Sunday around noon, if not otherwise arranged. Check-out: Sunday before 11:00


Tamarindo Spanish School offers a wide range of Accommodations

Other accommodation options

For other accommodation options, we will gladly send you information on request. Tamarindo offers accommodations for all tastes and budgets, from simple cabins to five-star hotels, bed and breakfast and apartments, all within walking distance of the school.