Children’s program

WAYRA has created a special Spanish program for children. This children's Spanish course is more than a set of teaching aids; It is rooted in a method that is designed to stimulate different learning styles to capture the attention of our youngest students. Students can learn much faster and with a higher level of retention.

Depending on the age of the child, classes are a combination of educational field trips and classroom instruction using many visual and manual aids.

On the first day of class the children are given an evaluation to determinate their level of Spanish. The different children groups are designed depending on the children’s level, age and interest.

This popular children Spanish program is created for children that can read and write up to 13 years old. If you prefer the Costa Rica teenager Spanish program we also cater to this age group. Please click here for more information. For the teenager program for students from 13-16 years old, please click here

Baby sitters are available for parents traveling with children that do not attend school. We can also organize a nanny to take care of the children while the parents are taking classes. In some cases, the nanny may be a member of the host family. The nanny can take the children to the beach, children's park, or for a walk close to the school. Most of our nannies only speak Spanish. Prices for nannies are available upon request.

It is recommendable to make reservations for children's classes at least 8 weeks before classes begin, but we also accept reservations on shorter notice.

The rates for the children Spanish classes are the same as for the adults.

We offer during the summer break two 2 weeks courses for children. Of course we also accept reservations for the children program on other dates, but these dates depend upon availability and have to be consulted first with our reservation department.

These are the dates for our 2017 summer programs:

Children program (age 6 - 12):

  • June 5th - June 16th
  • June 19h - June 30th
  • July 3rd - July 14th
  • July 17th - July 28th
  • July 31st - August 11th

If you are not able to participate during one of the above mentioned dates, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you and your children at any other week.

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