Learn Spanish in Costa Rica Learning Spanish in Costa Rica is much more than simply attending a couple of classes and then speaking your native language for the rest of the day. Successful Spanish students will tell you: if you want to learn Spanish you must immerse yourself completely in the language. A great way to do this is living with a Costa Rica Spanish homestay program here in Costa Rica. We carefully screen each family to ensure you will be placed in a high quality environment with a family that will care for you and truly wants to help you learn. In addition to learning Spanish, you will also enjoy learning the culture, enjoying the local traditions and making new friends. Ticos are warm and friendly people. Your stay with the host family will be an experience you will treasure for many years to come.

Our host families live in the towns of Villareal and Santa Rosa. These small towns are not on the beach but are rural and tranquil. Villareal is 5km from Tamarindo Spanish School and Santa Rosa is 7km. The homes are small and of typical design. You will have a private room, but in some homes the bathroom is shared with the host family. If you desire a private bathroom, please let us know in advance and we will make arrangements to find you accomodation with a private bathroom. We offer host families with young children, teenagers or just adults. Please let us know the option you prefer and we will try and arrange the ideal homestay for you.

Your host mother will prepare a variety of fresh and tasty meals using the huge variety of fruits and vegetables available in Costa Rica. You will certainly learn a lot about the local food and exotic fruits. Meals are typically traditional cuisine. If you are a vegetarian or on a specific diet preference, the host mother will do all she can to meet your needs. In some houses they still cook using traditional wood stoves; in others they hav modern electric stoves. Regardless of the cooking methods our students enjoy the the meals they are provided. With your host family, you will have the opportunity to taste different fruits and vegetables that may be difficult to find in your home country.

Costa Rica Spanish CoursesDuring the months of December to April, local fiestas and dances are part of the entertainment in Tamarindo and neighboring towns. Students can enjoy an afternoon at the rodeo, participate at the tope (a parade with horses), share interesting conversations or experiences with the locals or, at night, dance to the rhythms of Central American music.

Each morning our bus will pick you up from your host town and take you to our Spanish school in Tamarindo. If your classes are in the afternoon you will likely take public transport from your town to the school. The local buses are cheap and fun to ride. You'll also get a chance to practice your Spanish!

Twice a week we organize special activities. Once the afternoon lessons are finished we provide all students with free transportation back to your host families. For the rest of the week, the students take the public bus to get back to the host town. There are a lot of buses running between Tamarindo and the host towns and the service is very cheap.

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Student houses in Tamarindo Beach

Free wireless at WayraWe offer to our students 3 different types of student housing in Playa Tamarindo. These houses are very popular, in great locations and all are located within walking distance to the Spanish school, the beach and the center of the town.

At one of these properties we even have a swimming pool. The student houses are the perfect choice for students that want to be close to the beach and meet other students from all over the world.

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Casa El Mar

Casa del Mar student house Free wireless at WayraThis house is centrally located in Playa Tamarindo, only one block from the beach and from the school.

Casa El Mar, amidst a tropical garden, has four bedrooms and two bathrooms on the second floor. The main floor is an open area with a large community kitchen, a comfortable living room and a spacious dining area, with a double door that leads into an outdoor sitting area and a comfortable living room. The setting of the main floor invites the students to have group activities such as preparing dinner, playing games, doing homework or sharing the days experiences with one another.

The bedrooms are divided by gender for women or men and are designed for multiple occupants. The rooms vary in size, and normally the largest bedroom with walk-in closet and a private bathroom is assigned for the ladies. The midsize and the small bedroom share a bathroom and each has a closet. All the rooms have a security box, a fan and the showers have hot water.

The patio is surrounded by large trees and a nice garden where students can relax in the hammocks or lounges for a shady retreat.

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Casa La Carolina

Casa la Carolina student houseFree wireless at WayraCasa la Carolina is located 2˝ blocks from the school and 3˝ blocks from the beach.

This house offers all the luxuries and comforts of a home in a lush tropical garden. The house is modern, very spacious, tastefully furnished and well decorated. It has a fully equipped kitchen, a living room with a dining area and a lounge room on the second floor.

The bedrooms are naturally cooled by a ceiling fan or air conditioning. Each bedroom has two beds, a private bathroom, a closet, a dresser and a security box. The rooms are to share unless otherwise arranged.

Behind the main house there is a one-bedroom apartment with a matrimonial bed; ideal for couples or for people that prefer a private room. This apartment is equipped for two persons, has AC, a kitchenette, a private bedroom and a bathroom. In the garden is a small patio.

Enjoy the outdoors of La Carolina with a cool drink under the small rancho, or a refreshing dip in the medium size pool.

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Casa Wayra

Casa Wayra student house is on campusFree wireless at WayraThe student house Casa Wayra is newly built and located right on campus. It has a spacious living room, a fully equipped kitchen, and all four rooms are air conditioned. The largest room has a balcony from where the beautiful tropical school garden can be seen. This room has 3 beds and a private bathroom. The second bedroom has it's own bath while the last two bedrooms share a bath between them.

As with all student houses in Tamarindo, the Wayra student house includes a fully equipped kitchen> It also has free wireless Internet 24 hours a day. Students are welcome to bring their own notebook computer with them to Costa Rica. All rooms do have a security box where the computers and other valuables may be stored for safe-keeping.

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Please note that check-in and check-out for the above accommodations are on Sunday, at noon.

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